Hike there at your own pace, arrive, sit down and relax: Every now and then we all need some time out from the daily routine, don’t we? A visit to a mystical place, not far from the Übergossene Alm Resort, not only makes for a beautiful time full of enjoyment, but also for true deep relaxation. The cabin is just a leisurely 20-minute walk from the hotel and is an ideal day-trip destination and a gem hidden since many years, only made accessible to guests in 2021. The Burgschwaiger host family is especially proud of the Lärchalm, as it is truly a little jewel. In a picturesque location at the foot of mighty Hochkönig it displays everything that is worth protecting and preserving. We from the Übergossene Alm vouch for the good of the region and let you share in it in this very native setting so close to nature – at rustic wooden tables with beautiful views and local delicacies. Look forward to discovering the secrets of our mystical place amidst pristine nature that this little hike with a snack break in Salzburger Land has in store for you!

Lärchalm - our tip for an excursion

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