In our Hotel with Spa we put great value on cosmetics, beauty and care – based on the power of the Alps, obtained from local wild herbs. Come and see for yourself in our Spa Shop the effect of our harmonising Spa-products by BALANCE ALPINE 1000+, Alpienne and BABOR.

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Alpine Wellness: Natural essences for your well-being

Fabulous times are to be had in the spacious wellness & spa area at the Übergossene Alm. Hand gathered wild herbs and scented flowers from the Alpine meadows around the Hochkönig are used for relaxing wellness and beauty treatment. Situated at 1,250 metres, the Übergossene Alm is surrounded by an abundance of fauna and flora. Clear, fresh water, untamed nature - experience all the good things that the Alpine world has to offer.


This unique vitality concept of BALANCE ALPINE 1000+, developed by the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels, is based on primal energies originating in the Alps. The concept uses only medicinal Alpine herbs planted, cultivated and harvested with ecological methods at altitudes above 1,000 m. Products and types of treatment are created based on traditional European medicine, tailored to your personal requirements and selected according to the holistic method. The body's natural balance is given top priority. The concept's goal is natural beauty, an intense feeling of well-being and revitalisation.


Where nature reveals all its glory, up there, where plants relinquish their special energies to humans, this is where Alpienne is at home. Alpienne natural cosmetics and care products look after your well-being and beauty. The famous doctor Paracelsus once said that nature's bounty can heal the ailments of a whole region. To do justice to the purity of these incomparable natural treasures, Alpienne harvests and processes the medicinal plants solely by hand, exclusively in their natural environment. This ensures that they can provide you with the very best, fulfilling their high quality standards and philosophy of sustainability. Special Alpienne recipes, merging expertise from the areas of culture and research, form a solid foundation for extraordinary products.

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In a world of increasing environmental burdens and air pollution, the skin longs for care that protects it from external stresses, allowing you to rediscover an ideal balance and radiate pure beauty. With this goal in mind, BABOR developed SKINOVAGE PX. Our modern environment places additional demands on our skin. It requires effective protection from light- and environmentally-caused skin aging produced by UV radiation and free radicals. In addition, it is important to support the skin’s own intrinsic mechanisms. With this in mind, all SKINOVAGE PX products contain, in addition to special skin type-specific active ingredients, the two innovative plant-based ingredients Alpine Stem Cells and OsmoTec.

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