On our guided bike tours on the various cycling routes, you’ll do yourself some good in more ways than one. The view opens the eyes and the heart, the refreshing mountain wind gently caresses your nose and on the tours in Salzburger Land you can truly burn off some energy! You gather all your strength one last time and ace those last few kilometres on your wonderful mountain bike tour at Hochkönig, and after a well-deserved snack break enjoy the feeling of freedom and the unique views on the descent through the beautiful Salzburg nature on your mountain bike holiday in Austria. On our guided mountain bike tours with our coach, you can be sure your motivation won’t waver for even a moment.



  1. E-bike-tour to Tiergartenalm
  2. Mountainbike-Tour Hirscheggalm-Circuit
  3. Mountainbike-Tour Grünegg-Alm-Circuit


  • Duration: approx. 1.5 hr
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Altitude difference: 454 m

Ride downhill on the e-bike for some 500 metres in direction of Dienten. There, turn off to the left onto Trail No. 63 and follow this to Bürglalm. Your route then continues across Wastlhöhe to Sunnhüttl. After Sunnhüttl, Trail No. 76 leads down to Tiergartenalm, where you can stop off for some refreshments. From here it’s downhill all the way to the hotel. You’ll be back at the hotel in about 1.5 hours. E-bikes are available at our reception, of course.


  • Duration: approx. 1 hr
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Altitude difference: 160 m

The medium-difficult bike tour to Hirscheggalm in Dienten am Hochkönig starts at the parking deck at Dienten ski centre and leads along Reizegg service road uphill for some 500 m to the state road. Turn right there and follow the state road for a short while uphill to the turn-off for Bürglalm. Directly below Bürglalm a road leads past the pumping station of the reservoir in direction of Hirscheggalm. Then it’s a leisurely ride downhill to this and continuing past Ebenbauer to Dientner state road.


  • Duration: approx. 1 hr
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Altitude difference: 180 m

The leisurely mountain bike circuit along Dacheben agricultural road to Grüneggalm snack station again starts from Dienten ski centre. From here, follow the state road heading out of the valley in direction of Lend. After some three kilometres continue to the right on Dacheben agricultural road to Hirschegg/Scheibegg farms. Now continue along the forest road in direction of Grüneggalm. After some 2.5 km you can continue in direction of Reicheralm or to the right to Filzensattel or to Grüneggalm. A sealed agricultural road leads back to Dienten.


Among the numerous mountain bike routes, the following tours start directly at the front door:

  • Dienten-Erichhütte-Dienten
  • Dienten-Pichlalm-Dienten
  • Dienten-Filzensattel-Gabühl-Grünegg
  • Dienten-Altenbergerweg-Bürglalm-Wastlhöhe
  • Dienten-Feroli-Ottino-Sonnberg-Hirschegg-Grünegg-Dienten

These mountain bike tours with varied scenery start directly in Dienten village. If interested, more details are also available at our reception.

You can also use the tour portal of Hochkönig Region at www.hochkoenig.at to plan your e-bike and mountain bike routes. Some tour recommendations are also available in PDF format to download.

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