What could be better than exploring the splendid alpine nature on a hike at your very individual pace and in keeping with your personal fitness level? Nothing, likely– and the hiking region in Salzburger Land, in which our hiking routes are located, is simply perfect for this!

Hiking Highlights:

  • 340 km of varied ascents and routes with difficulty levels ranging from beginner all the way up to expert
  • Special Alm hiking service
  • Hiking region awarded the Austrian Hiking Quality Seal
  • Our own tour app and tour portal
  • Leisurely family hikes
  • Many advantages with the Hochkönig Card: free summer cable car transportation, bike transport, hiking bus, free summer tobogganing, admission to the open-air pool, and much more.
  • Guided hikes with our activity trainers


On medium-difficult trails, forests and paths, merrily make your way up the mountain with your family or friends. Having arrived at the top you’ll be met not just by plenty of wonderful views and likely alpine and forest animals, but also open alpine cabins. There you can stop off for a nice break, sample local dishes and treat yourself to some cool refreshments, before heading back down into the valley again with renewed energy. We recommend the following alpine hike around Hochkönig Mountain:


  • Duration: approx. 4 hrs.                                                                                                           
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Meters difference in altitude: 405 m

This wonderful panoramic trail features no strong gradients. Always along the foot of Hochkönig, the second stage of Salzburger Almenweg trail leads across gentle alpine meadows, through craggy ravines and past impressive waterfalls to Dienten. After about four hours walk in total, you’ll be back down in the valley again.


As the name promises, there is plenty to discover on the exciting but easy adventure trails around the alpine pasture in Dienten. Together with your loved ones or simply in the company of peaceful nature, marvel at little forest and mountain wonders. In the process, you’ll be automatically learning from Mother Nature, sharpening your senses and your mind will be fully in the here and now.


  • Duration: approx. 45 min
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Metres difference in altitude: 100 m

The leisurely village circuit starts at Dienten ski centre through the village to Dienten parish church. From there, a narrow path leads to a wonderful waterfall. The route continues to Almhäusl, from where a path leads back to the ski centre again. This walk takes about 45 minutes in total.


The Übergossene Alm Resort is nestled among one of the most popular hiking regions in Salzburger Land with mountaintops at almost 3,000 meters altitude, The highest mountain among them is Hochkönig itself at 2,941 m, surrounded by many other summits waiting to be explored.  


  • Duration: Full tour approx. 26.5 hours
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Metres difference in altitude: Full tour 4,175m 

The first and second stages feature idyllic forest trails, plenty of views, lush green meadows and alpine pastures, craggy ravines and thundering waterfalls. They start in Maria Alm at Natrun local mountain. The third stage of the Königsweg Trail features a challenging summit ascent, followed by a wonderful high-altitude hike. On the fourth stage of the Königsweg Trail you’ll be completing three summit crossings in one day. Klingspitz, Hochkaser and Hundstein. All sections are rated medium-difficult.

You can also use the tour portal of Hochkönig Region at www.hochkoenig.at to plan your hiking route. Some tour recommendations are also available in PDF format to download.

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