The philosophy of Best Alpine Wellness Hotels is to provide guests with premium quality wellness and spa facilities in an excellent setting so that they experience overall well-being. Therefore, it regularly invests in the areas of wellness and beauty as well as in product development. Following the successful introduction and establishment of our own product line BALANCE ALPINE 1000+, which draws its power from the Alps, the pioneers of the wellness industry are now continuing their journey. They place the individuality of the guest and their wishes and demands even more predominantly at the centre of the wellness experience and, with MY ALPINE LIFE BALANCE, present an innovative approach that is oriented towards individual needs.

Best Alpine Wellness Hotels

Best Alpine Wellness Hotels


Alpine Wellness at the Highest Level

The story of the Best Alpine Wellness Hotel group began at the end of the 1980s. Today, 18 premium hotels fulfil the renowned hotel cooperation’s highest quality standards, and the group is celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2017. Best Alpine Wellness Hotels are the first stop for an all-round, tried and tested wellness holiday in Austria or South Tyrol.

All of these resorts are set in breathtaking holiday regions: impressive landscapes with rugged peaks, romantic villages and valleys, sunny plateaus and picturesque lakes invite guests to simply breathe, relax and feel well.

Warm hospitality and perfect service guarantee that guests can intensely use their time to gather their strength for everyday life. With special offers for couples, families, sports fans and people just looking for peace and quiet, every guest can find the perfect balance for them. These luxurious four-star superior and five-star hotels are all family-run. They put plenty of attention to detail and passion into accommodating their guests, including when it comes to cuisine. Many chefs have been awarded stars, toques and forks, and surprise guests anew each day with their creative delicacies. Fresh, local produce is the clincher. You can find recipes from Best Wellness chefs here:

In 2017, the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels are operating under the idea of ‘giving is better than receiving’. In honour of the group’s 25th anniversary, there will be a range of great offers and promotions throughout the whole year. Our celebrations also promise exquisite enjoyment and special attractions. Celebrate our whole anniversary year together with our member hotels, indulging in a celebration of wellness in a breathtaking Alpine location. To top it all off, the funniest, most touching or most spectacular stories about the number 25 will have the chance to win a wellness holiday -

When Guests Become Friends

As well as the Best Wellness Club, whose members benefit from a 5% discount in all member hotels of the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels group, 2017 also sees the introduction of the Best Wellness Friends Club. Friends can not only take advantage of countless benefits and exclusive discounts; they also automatically collect wellness points on all hotel stays in Best Alpine Wellness Hotels as well as voucher purchases and orders in our online shop. These can then be exchanged for a range of different prizes. Become a Best Wellness Friend now! You get further information at our reception, via e-mail or sign up here!

Balance Your Life and Life Balance with Balance Alpine 1000+

The philosophy behind Best Alpine Wellness Hotels is to offer their guests impressive, high-quality wellness and spa facilities in a luxurious atmosphere to ensure complete wellbeing. As well as beauty, leisure and activity programmes, the focus is on relaxation. In our member hotels, guests can use various pools and saunas in wellness oases that average around 2,600m² in size. Massages and beauty treatments complete the pampering package.

Balance Alpine 1000+ combines the ancient power of the mountains to create a new and unique concept of vitality: healing herbs grown at over 1,000 metres above sea level are combined with the knowledge of traditional European medicine, the purest Tyrollean healing water and Alpine rock salt to create highly effective natural products. Always used while taking individual needs into account, Balance Alpine 1000+ promotes deep wellbeing and the revitalisation of energy. -

Best Alpine Wellness Hotels

From the very beginnings to the present day with the power of the Alps

Best Alpine Wellness Hotels can look back on more than a quarter of a century of success. Today, as always, our guests and their well-being are our priority. The family-run 4 and 5-star superior spa hotels not only offer the highest quality and a heavenly ambience, but their family tradition and passion for the well-being of the guests puts them ahead of the rest. The excellent recreational opportunities offered by Best Alpine Wellness Hotels are based on a holistic approach to harmonise body, mind and soul.

In the heart of the mountains

The 16 family-run Best Alpine Wellness Hotels are located in the most beautiful holiday locations amidst breath-taking alpine scenery, on lakes or in fashionable ski resorts and enjoy a conscious symbiosis with nature. Spread over Austria and South Tyrol, they enliven body, mind and soul with the power of the Alps and follow a sustainable and integrative wellness philosophy.

Putting people first

The biggest source of one’s own happiness is the family. It is this wisdom that ensures happiness for members of Best Alpine Wellness Hotels. All hotels are family-run and draw their strength from this. With heart and passion, with honest hospitality, and all for many generations. As a guest, you will be part of this family. Feel as though you’re home, be greeted by a beaming smile in the morning and a caring ‘good night’ at the end of the day. Hosts are devoted to their guests, particularly when it comes to food and drink. Many of their chefs are highly-decorated with stars, crests and forks, and surprise their guests with creative culinary creations. Regional cuisine and absolute product freshness are of the utmost importance in our hotels.

Quality of the pioneers

For Best Alpine Wellness Hotels, quality means the best amenities, first-class service and conscientiousness behind the scenes. The top hotels in the premium segment adhere to strict quality requirements. The specially developed QUALITY MYSTERY CHECKS ensure that our service is constantly optimised. As a guest, you too are an important pillar of quality assurance. With your feedback on surveys and booking platforms, you help create the basis for continuous improvement. Our hygiene tests, carried out by an independent testing institute, guarantee the highest quality for the food sector with the sophisticated HACCP control system.



As a member of our Best Wellness Friends Club, you can automatically collect feel-good points every time you stay with us or shop in the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels online shop. Redeem the points you collect in exchange for special rewards. Choose your favourite option from a range of exclusive hotel serviceshigh-quality products for the home or unique experiences. Enjoy priceless indulgent moments and experience top events from close up. Are you already a member of the Best Wellness Club? Then you can enjoy 40 starter points as our way of saying thank you for showing your loyalty to the Friends Club.