Eyebrow shaping

€ 9.00

Eyebrow tinting

€ 11.00

Eyelash tinting

€ 13.00

Combination tinting

€ 22.00

Eye modelage

€ 20.00

Face massage

€ 38.00
Duration: 25 minutes

Varnishing incl. varnish to take home with you

€ 15.00

Paraffin bath for the hands

€ 15.00


from € 40.00
Duration: 30 minutes | € 40.00
Duration: 30 minutes - Varnishing incl. varnish to take home with you. | € 50.00

Treat your hands to a perfect all-round care session. Hand peeling, hand bath, nail and skin care and a hand massage.


from € 50.00
Duration: 50 minutes | € 50.00
Duration: 50 minutes - Varnishing incl. varnish to take home with you. | € 60.00

Enjoy soothing care for your feet. Cosmetic foot care with a herbal foot bath in the "river bed", removal of callus and corns, shortening and shaping nails, care of nail bed, finished off with a foot massage.


from € 8.00
- Chin or upper lip. | € 8.00
- Armpits or bikini line. | € 15.00
- Legs to the knee. | € 30.00
- Legs complete | € 40.00

Enjoy professional hair removal using warm wax for silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks.

Balance Alpine 1000+

Balance Alpine 1000+ is a purely plant-based energy source. It makes the skin radiant, firm and visibly calmed. The valuable ingredients used ensure that the treatment has a deep, nourishing and fortifying effect.


€ 38.00
Duration: 25 minutes

Metabolic typology and your current state of health determine what kind of technique is used for this massage of the décolleté, neck and face. The massage brings about deep relaxation, inner calm and frees your thoughts


from € 75.00
Duration: 50 minutes | € 75.00
Duration: 80 minutes - incl. eyebrow shaping and a thorough massage of the décolleté, neck and face. | € 110.00

The treatment begins with an analysis of the individual skin type using the Balance Alpine 1000+ method. The treatments then consist of skin cleansing, peeling, deep-cleaning, spagyric moisturisation, eye care,moisturising mask and finishing care routine.


In a world increasingly plagued by environmental and air pollution, our skin yearns for a type of care protecting it from environmental stress, allowing it to rediscover its ideal balance and radiate sheer beauty. BABOR has developed SKINOVAGE PX for this purpose. Our modern environment makes additional demands on every type of skin. It needs effective protection from ageing caused by light and environmental factors, created by UV rays and free radicals. The skin's own restorative resources also need support. In addition to special ingredients suiting specific skin types, all SKINOVAGE PX products contain two innovative plant-based ingredients - Alpine stem cells and OsmoTec.


from € 70.00
Duration: 50 minutes | € 70.00
Duration: 80 minutes incl. eyebrow shaping and a thorough massage of the décolleté, neck and face. | € 110.00

Treatment starts with a stimulating peeling, deep-cleaning and application of a pure substance concentrate. Your face is then pampered with eye care, a cream mask and finishing care routine.


€ 120.00
Duration: 80 minutes

Treat yourself to something special and luxuriate in this relaxing treatment. Special collagen fleece gives your skin a youthful, radiant sheen. Cleansing, peeling, deep-cleaning, eyebrow shaping, active substance ampoule, massage of the décolleté, neck and face and finishing care routine.