Ding-Dong. Come in? Uh, no – that’s not how it was meant. It’s actually about the question: Say, what are you? Milk mug or cheese? Apple or tree? Single room or double room? Questions upon questions and somehow not all that easy to answer. But don’t worry, we in Übergossene Alm Resort will give you a leg up, because we know how jobdating at 1,250 metres works.

Curious?  We must admit – so are we. Most of all, curious about you! Just like it should be on a first date, then. 

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Say, what are you?

Why it is so exciting to us? Because we are all individual and we all have our own preferences, desires and talents. And honestly, that is what makes us all up. DIVERSITY with ROUGH EDGES!

If by now you still don’t fancy a hotel job in Salzburger Land, we are at our wit’s end.

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