Wide-ranging changes

Hackschnitzelwerk Übergossene Alm
The woodchip plant

Sustainability is an important issue for the Burgschwaiger family, and they endeavour to integrate this concept into daily activities at the four star superior hotel. With successful results. The focus isn't just on constructional issues, but is an ecological package including sustainable energy supplies and an emphasis on buying from the region. Sustainability also affects how we deal with each other, as many employers see employees as merely a cost factor in company accounts. The Burgschwaiger family is proud of its long-serving employees, who share their employers' views on sustainability.

Together with cousin Peter Burgschwaiger from the Schneggbauer business, the Übergossene Alm Resort constructed a woodchip plant in 2008, operating with fuels sourced from the region, saving approx. 400 tonnes CO2yearly compared to conventional energy supplies. Firewood is supplied by the region's farmers. Purchasing products from companies in the region is a priority issue for the Übergossene Alm Resort. When sourcing foodstuffs, the Burgschwaiger family and their kitchen team believe in: short transport routes, low logistical outlays and avoiding long cooling chains. Fresh organic milk is delivered daily from the neighbouring Schneggbauer farm, the "Tauernlamm" organic food cooperative supplies the hotel with lamb and game from the village of Eschenau, 20 km away.

The bathing biotope in the hotel's large garden also lives up to its name: at the Übergossene Alm, the pond's fresh, pure water isn't the result of using chlorine and other chemicals. The natural cycle takes care of cleaning - just as it does for small lakes or streams. For the Burgschwaiger family, it's clear: The natural world around their hotel is unique - and this unique quality has to be protected.


The Übergossene Alm Resort has received the Eco Label for Tourism from the Ministry for Environmental Affairs several times in recognition of the efforts made to operate the hotel in an environmentally sustainable fashion. This also means constantly working towards creating a symbiosis between ecological, business and social issues in the future. For the Burgschwaiger family, the awards received during the past few years are external confirmation of the path they have chosen, and serve as genuine proof of their achievements for guests staying at the Übergossene Alm Resort.