From sunny to bright or even with thick snowflakes. No matter what the current weather looks like, at Übergossene Alm the outlook is always splendid. Enjoy the sun on the terrace, discover the snowy nature or surrender fully to the Wellness bliss, should the weather gods not be kind for once.

  • 03.01.2023
    • Temperature 3°C/37°F
    • Sunshine 20%
    • Freezing level 2000
  • 03.01.2023
    • Temperature 6°C/43°F
    • Sunshine 40%
    • Freezing level 2100
  • 04.01.2023
    • Temperature 8°C/46°F
    • Sunshine 70%
    • Freezing level 2600
  • 05.01.2023
    • Temperature 4°C/39°F
    • Sunshine 20%
    • Freezing level 1900

ForecastHigh pressure will return on Tuesday, but probably not before midday. The morning will be cloudy, but the sun will break through.

TrendOn Wednesday, the westerly airflow will contain some fairly dry and warm air masses. The clouds will dissipate leaving the peaks cloudless. On Thursday, the cloud will increase again.

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