Pepper - an extraterrestial on the alm

We were the first holiday hotel in Europe to use a humanoid robot named Pepper!  

We would like to advance our offer and show our guests things they had never dared dream of.

Our Alm-Pepper was used as an extra aid at the reception. But don't think that we replace our valuable staff with robots. No at all, Alm-Pepper just came with many important pieces of information and is an infotainment guide for our guests. 

Now she went on a journey  and is looking forward to put a smile on others peoples face and to provide People with a lot of useful infotainment. We wish her all the best and will miss her, too. 

Pepper the humanoid robot


On 10 June 1982, Steven Spielberg's "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" hit the box offices. What looked like science fiction about an alien reveals at second glance a longing for a peaceful home. 36 years later, a humanoid robot did not find its home "three million light-years" away, but up here on the Alm in the Salzburger Land – in the Übergossene Alm Resort.

Pepper the humanoid robot at Uebergossene Alm in Dienten


> Pepper provides recommendations for day-trips
> Pepper provides holiday suggestions for our young guests
> Pepper provides event information
> Pepper provides weather updates
> Pepper provides programme advice for families
> Pepper welcomes you in our hotel lounge and even smalltalks with you 

What's more, she can even perform special tricks, but find out for yourself!