Pure. Clean. Clear. These are the attributes our vitality spring water is characterised by. Thanks to its high drinking quality, our mountain water is optimally suited for tired hikers and allows them to quickly regain energy. Free from pollutants and enriched with natural minerals, the Übergossene Alm spring water helps you to make the most of your day.


The higher the source, the purer the water. Our spring water originates from contaminant-protected underground reservoirs and is bottled in our own source right here with us at the Übergossene Alm.

We know that water is a vital element. The purer the water, the better it can extract contaminants from our bodies and optimally support the human organism.

In the course of a natural filtration process, mineral salts and trace elements are extracted from the rock and lend the water its natural effect. Depending on the intensity of the respective activity, above all athletes can lose up to two litres of liquid per hour just by sweating. Hikers are particularly affected in summer; even more important to make sure that you rehydrate and drink regularly. We therefore recommend to drink lots of our spring water, increasing both your performance and your vitality.


The Übergossene Alm spring water is not just healthy and wonderfully refreshing, but a feel-good and cosmetic remedy at the same time. The fresh mountain water and clean mountain air revitalise, cleanse and smoothen your skin. Thanks to the spring's special minerals and clarity, our water will make you look beautiful and young. Since water is a component of millions of our cells, it lends the required stability and elasticity to our skin. Our spring water additionally softens your skin and boosts cell metabolism.

The more intensively our body is fighting stress and toxines, the more water it needs. And the better the quality, the better the performance. Your health is our top priority. With our spring water we intend to make our contribution.

Healthy, fresh and optimally mineralised. The Übergossene Alm spring water.